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Spices and kitchen herbs

Art to season food it is inseparably linked with development of a human civilization and desire to receive additional positive emotions from casual food . Since Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome are knewn the majority of exotic spices and, besides, some spices that left from use now.

In the first European cooking book «De re coquinaria» written by Roman Apitsy, is told about spices in details: long pepper, black pepper, a carnation and a cassia were considered as most valuable of them. In the first centuries of our era when the ancient art was gradually replaced by Christians, Europeans, unfortunately, forgot ancient culinary secrets and many spices simply went out of use. Europeans anew open the art to season food with spices thanks to eastern countries.

Especially spices of overseas India were famous: they were forwarded to the countries of the Mediterranean by the Arab dealers. On the Arabian deserts there caravans loaded with the fragrant goods; then precious luggage overloaded on the ships, delivered it to Byzantium, Italy, France and Spain and sold at the fabulous prices.

In 1498 Vasco da Gama brought for the first time black pepper, a carnation, cinnamon and ginger to Europe, and three years later, again organized the grandiose expedition which has come back with two thousand tons of various seasonings. Soon Portugal and Spain are monopolized worldwide spices trading. Besides, there were new types of spcies from just open American continent: vanilla, the Jamaican (fragrant) pepper and red siliculose pepper in hands of Spain what instantly won the love of Europeans.

History of spices and herbs rather rich. OOO TPK «Rezerv» is ready to continue it…